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Home Loans

80380263Looking to Purchase or Refinance a Home?

Your credit union has home loans available for residential houses. We offer a wide variety of products, low closing costs, and a match rate program to ensure that you get the best rate- if we can’t beat it, we’ll match it!

We offer mortgage loans up to 25 years in term, and require 20% down on the purchase.

**We do not offer a first time buyer program

The $20.00 application fee cannot be waived, will not be refunded, and does need to be paid up front.

Please note, after submitting your application our underwriting system may find that there are no products available for you. If this happens you may call our office at 419-898-3366 and ask to speak with the Mortgage Loan Processor.

To view mortgage rates or apply for a loan click here.

Already Own a Home?

Consider a Home Equity Line of Credit. Turn the equity you have built up in your home into READY CASH. Your home can be an inexpensive source for additional money.

Eight reasons why you should have a home equity line of credit:

  1. Low monthly payments
  2. Convenient cash on demand- we give you free checks to write on your line of credit
  3. You can use the money for just about any purpose- vacation, purchase a car, college, etc.
  4. No prepayment penalty
  5. The more you pay back, the more you can borrow
  6. The interest you pay is tax deductible, in most cases
  7. Variable interest doesn’t lock you in at a high interest rate
  8. Funds are available to members in an amount up to 80% of the appraised value.
    • Term includes a 5 year draw period and a 10 year payback period. 
    • $75.00 annual fee applicable only during the drawn period, due each year on the anniversary.
    • $50 application fee is required